One kilogram of hashish and six grams of cocaine found in Cava d’Aliga’s summer house: arrested.

A 31-year-old man was arrested in Cava d’Aliga, a seaside town in the province of Ragusa, for drug possession and trafficking. The police found a kilogram of hashish, divided into 10 pieces, and two 6-gram packages of cocaine, as well as a scale and various denominations of money amounting to approximately 350 euros, believed to be proceeds from criminal activity, at his summer residence in the coastal area of the municipality of Scicli. Two 27-year-old women from Modica were also reported to the prefecture of Ragusa as users. Another operation was carried out in Ispica, resulting in the seizure of drugs and the identification of suspects. In total, there were 214 individuals identified, 168 vehicles checked, 24 individuals searched, 5 cars seized, 19 traffic violations issued, and over 1.2 kilograms of hashish, 10 grams of cocaine, and 500 euros seized.