Palermo Sicily is not what you imagine. Walking from Porta Nuova to Four square

Palermo Sicily IS NOT WHAT YOU IMAGINE – Walking from Porta Nuova to Four square English Version 🇬🇧
Porta Nuova is a monumental city gate of Palermo, Italy, located next to the Palazzo dei Normanni. It has been the most important access to Palermo by land for centuries. The gate was built in the manieristic style, with construction starting in 1583 and completed in 1669. It represents the entrance of the Cassaro, the main street of the city, from Corso Calatafimi, the road to Monreale. The gate was originally called “Porta dell’Aquila” but became known as “Porta Nuova” after Charles V’s visit to Palermo in 1535. The gate was destroyed in 1667 and rebuilt in 1669 in the same style. It is considered the most beautiful and main entrance to the city of Palermo
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0:00 PortaNuova
2:46 Palazzo dei Normanni
7:20 Cattedrale
9:30 Palazzo Castrone Santa Ninfa
10:58 Chiesa SS Salvatore
12:03 Palazzo Drago Airoldi di Santa Colomba
13:00 Piazza Bologni
16:48 Four square

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The Norman Palace, also known as the Royal Palace, is located in Palermo and is the oldest royal residence in Europe. Built around the 10th century by the Arab emirs, it was conceived as a fortress and residence of exceptional sumptuousness and refinement by the Norman kings. Currently, it is the seat of the Sicilian Regional Assembly and it is the seat of the Sicilian Parliament, which is the oldest in Europe, having been established by King Roger in 1140. The monumental complex includes the splendid Palatine Chapel, the Sala d’Ercole, the Sala del Duca di Montalto, the Sala dei Vicerè, the Sala di Re Ruggero, the Sala della Regina and the Torre Pisana, which has housed the Astronomical Observatory since 1791

Villa Bonanno is a villa located in Palermo.

The Cathedral of Palermo, dedicated to the Holy Virgin Mary Assumption into Heaven, is located in the ancient heart of the city. Built in the twelfth century, it is characterized by an Arab-Norman style, unique in Sicily. The church was commissioned by the English archbishop Walter Off around 1170. It features Byzantine, Romanesque, Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Neoclassical architectural elements. It is the main Catholic place of worship in Palermo and the seat of the archbishopric of the same name. The cathedral houses the tomb of Emperor Frederick II, King Roger II and Saint Rosalia, patron saint of Palermo

The Palazzo Castrone-Santa Ninfa is a valuable building of the sixteenth century located in Palermo.

The Church of the Santissimo Salvatore is a building of worship located in the historic center of Palermo..
Palazzo Drago Airoldi di Santa Colomba

Piazza Bologni, also known as Piazza Bologna, is a historic square in Palermo located in the Albergheria district. The rectangular square was structured in 1556, taking its name from the then regent of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, Don Carlo d’Aragona and Tagliavia, prince of Castelvetrano, who wanted its construction. The square is bordered by several noble palaces, including Palazzo Belmonte-Riso, Palazzo Alliata di Villafranca of the Beccadelli Bologna family and Palazzo del Marchese Ugo delle Favare.
The Quattro Canti, also known as Piazza Villena, is an octagonal square located in the historic center of Palermo.
The square is the center of the Baroque Palermo and is formed by alternating streets (Via Vittorio Emanuele and Via Maqueda) and architectural fifths. The facades of the four buildings on the sides of the square are decorated with statues, fountains and depictions of the seasons, the historical rulers of the city and the patron saints of Palermo.

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