What to see in Sicily

What to see in Sicily?

Sicily with its 9 provinces offers many ideas for an experienced traveler who can immerse himself in the wonders that pass from the sea to the mountains, from villages to cities, from islands to volcanoes.
With a long history and vast dimensions, Sicily is an island that offers so much.
Often chosen as a beach holiday destination, it boasts a variety of attractions that few other regions of Italy can offer.
The beautiful Sicilian beaches do not need any introduction: you know their beauty and the crystalline color of its waters but equally famous in Italy and abroad are the temples of the Greek-Roman colonies, some well preserved others a little less.

What to see in Sicily – Palermo

Beautiful and famous, this is Palermo: a city that manages to combine the refinement and elegance of the Baroque and Rococo buildings with the noise of the neighborhood markets and the goodness of street food.
Ideal for a city break or as the start of a trip to Sicily, it is truly a delight for the senses that will not leave you indifferent.
The list of unmissable places in Palermo is very long, but if you have little time, visit the most interesting ones.

  • Palermo with its beauties
  • Monreale
  • Cefal├╣

What to see in Sicily – Trapani

A city lying on the sea.
Entering the labyrinth of streets and alleys of its historic center you will discover an elegant town, full of sumptuous churches and Baroque buildings, and a very active port from which you can reach the Egadi islands and other national routes or Tunisia.
The surrounding and hilly area is dedicated to wine cultivation with also a suggestive view of the salt flats that look like white desert dunes.
Trapani is an excellent base for exploring the beautiful attractions it offers such as:

  • Trapani
  • Erice
  • Le saline
  • La Riserva dello Zingaro

What to see in Sicily – Catania

Rising at the foot of the Etna volcano, Catania owes its history and fame to the volcano.
Built in dark gray lava stone, it was almost completely rebuilt after the earthquake that devastated Sicily in the 17th century.
There are still some traces of the different civilizations that have followed one another on the territory such as the Greek, the Roman, the Byzantine and the Norman ones,
but the baroque is the main heritage of Catania.
We leave for our visit to the city from the central Piazza del Duomo and the elephant fountain.
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