Airports in Sicily

Airports in Sicily

Airports in Sicily?
You have decided that your destination for your next vacation is Sicily and you want to book your flight. But have you thought about where to go? Sicily is a large island and has several airports: choose the one with the cheapest flights or the one closest to the places you want to visit.
The answer is not obvious, certainly prices and timetables greatly affect the choice.
Below you will find essential information on the six most important airports in Sicily, including the islands.
Among these there are some very important stopovers for national traffic and other minor ones that are mainly aimed at summer tourism.

Catania airport

Aeroporto di Catania The first airport in Sicily in terms of number of passengers is the Catania airport which is called Vincenzo Bellini Airport of Catania-Fontanarossa (IATA code: CTA), which is one of the top 10 Italian airports.
It is located in the eastern part of the island in a strategic position for connections with central and northern Italy, and is served by many flights of low cost airlines, some only seasonal, and flag.
It is recommended for those who want to spend a holiday in eastern Sicily, either staying in the surrounding area or moving north or south. It is located about ten km from the center of Catania, easily reachable by bus or taxi.

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Palermo airport

Palermo airportThe second most important airport in Sicily is the Falcone e Borsellino International Airport of Punta Raisi (PMO)

It is located 35 km from Palermo, in the Cinisi area.
The terminal has a train station so it is very easy to reach it from Palermo.
There is also a shuttle service, from morning to evening, from areas of the city that connect the airport to the main ones.

Trapani airport

For those who want to go on holiday in western Sicily and maybe reach the Egadi Islands we would like to recommend Trapani Vincenzo Florio di Trapani-Birgi (TPS) airport which is just 15 km from Trapani
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Comiso airport

Latest arrival of the Sicilian airports and the Pio La Torre di Comiso airport (IATA code: CIY)
It is located 15 km from Ragusa and a reference point for your holidays in the area of ​​Syracuse, Noto, Modica, Marzameni.
RyanAir has many flights to and from Comiso

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Lampedusa Airport

Lampedusa airport (IATA code: LMP) is the stopover for visiting the Pelagie Islands [2].
It is located very close to the town of Lampedusa.
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Pantelleria Airport

Pantelleria airport (IATA code: PNL) is the obligatory choice to reach the island without having to take the ship which takes 10 hours.
It is located a short distance from the town.


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