17 secondi ago

    New agreement for the Coast Guard and the Tethys Institute for the research and protection of large marine vertebrates

    It was formalized and presented in the evocative setting of the Hall of Mirrors of the Municipality of Sanremo, a…
    3 minuti ago

    25 year old Albanian captured in Ragusa

    🔊 Listen to audio of the article SCICLI – THE carabinieri of the Tenenza of Scicli (Ragusa) have arrested provisionally…
    5 minuti ago

    Toys, clothes and masks: 25,000 falsified items seized in Catania and its province

    Thousand of toys, gardening items, clothes, masks, small appliances counterfeits seized by the financial police in Catania and in the…
    7 minuti ago

    Palermo. Two quintals of “untraceable” fish seized at the port transported in a van – LibertĂ  Sicilia

    Palermo. Two quintals of “untraceable” fish seized at the port, transported in a vanFreedom Sicily
    9 minuti ago

    Unauthorized: the mother of the mayor of Pantelleria – Sicily denounced

    From the Municipality for a wooden canopy and canes on the veranda (ANSA) – PANTELLERIA, APRIL 16 – For a…
    11 minuti ago

    “Maintaining the authentic structures of the buildings” –

    The project of the Elemata company for the Pillirina does not convince Europa Verde Siracusa. To express doubts about what…
    12 minuti ago

    CNA Trapani and Associazione Restaurateurs Trapani ART together for the future of catering

    “CNA Trapani firmly believes that the agri-food chain is decisive for the economy of the province and of Sicily as…
    13 minuti ago

    Caltanissetta, politics trembles: Montante asks to speak at the trial

    The former leader of Confindustria Sicilia, Antonello Montante, announced, for the first time, that he wanted to speak in the…
    15 minuti ago

    Messina, drugs and illegal betting: the owner of an internet point reported that the shop is closed [DETTAGLI]

    April 17, 2021 9:30 am Messina: over 200 grams of drugs seized by the Guardia di Finanza The financiers of…
    17 minuti ago

    Scandal of regional training body, reduced sentence to manager from Agrigento

    Acquittals, penalty discounts and prescriptions, at the appeal process on the scandal of the “Ciapi”, the former training body of…

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