23 mins ago

    + Europe, Giuseppe Valenti from Palermo appointed head of the national health department

    The Palermo Giuseppe Valenti , doctor-gynecologist was chosen, during the national direction of + Europe…
    1 hour ago

    Palermo, the agony of via Roma: the endless construction site that will not have the tram

    The great forgotten one is a cemetery of shop windows: they are 117, twenty-two more…
    2 hours ago

    Palermo, with the van, hits a bus and does not help the driver of the injured Amat

    In the collision between an Amat bus, the company that deals with public transport in…
    3 hours ago

    'A Cortese Silence', a theatrical story in Palermo

    Palermo, 1 Dec. “A courteous silence. Story of a Man of the Institutions “is the…
    4 hours ago

    Third doses in the Court of Palermo, 150 administrations in 2 hours

    The auditorium of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, this morning, was filled with judges…
    5 hours ago

    Syndicate: Lorenzo Geraci reconfirmed general secretary of CISL Fp Palermo

    Palermo, 1 Dec. Lorenzo Geraci, 61 years, was re-elected general secretary of the CISL Fp…
    6 hours ago

    PIF meets the students: “Things can change in Palermo”

    MONREALE – Today the meeting with the author Pierfrancesco Diliberto, aka PIF, who presented his…
    7 hours ago

    Covid: Dasoe, cases continue to increase in Sicily PALERMO

    PALERMO, 01 DIC For the fifth consecutive week the growth of the regional epidemic curve…
    8 hours ago

    Armed with a knife, they rob a supermarket in via Archimede in Palermo

    Robbery at a supermarket in via Archimede in Palermo. Two men with covered faces and…
    9 hours ago

    Palermo – Civid Sicily: 729 positive, 9 deaths

    Details Category: Latest Published: 01 December 2021 I am 729 the new cases of Covid…