Mondello a dip on the free beach

Where is Mondello located

Mondello is the tourist destination par excellence of the inhabitants of Palermo, because it is very close to the city center.
A fantastic beach with very fine sand and crystal clear sea.

Address: Mondello


Until the end of the 19th century it was only an unhealthy and smelly marsh, until in 1898 a reclamation was carried out by the prince Francesco Lanza di Scalea and immediately after it was entrusted by the municipality to an Italian-Belgian company that undertook to have the consession returned in exchange for the construction of a bathhouse, a hotel and 300 villas.
This is how the masterpieces of the Art Nouveau villas associated with the Belle Epoque period were born, some built by valuable architects including the Sicilian Ernesto Basile.
The fishing village thus turned into a distinct and rich seaside resort whose development continued until the end of the 90s.

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Mondello today

Today Mondello keeps intact its wealth of historic villas, some abandoned seeds other restored over the years.
The bathing establishment, completely restored a few years ago, is now home to an important nautical club and restaurant Charleston.
On the shoreline for many years were arranged in the summer wooden cabins rented to households that have exploited them for various uses.
Cabins invaded all sandy coast which meanwhile was partially eroded by the sea.
Since 2008 the company that you manage the shoreline is removing the bulky cabins and changing the coast in small areas equipped with platforms, bars, deck chairs and umbrellas that make the shoreline certainly more pleasant and livable.
Mondello is a place that retains an extraordinary charm, especially in the middle seasons, when its white shoreline is not very popular and the sea has Caribbean colors.
In the village of Mondello, which is currently partially used by the old local fishermen, there are many restaurants where you can eat standing or sitting of good fish and seafood.

Sport and sports activities

In Mondello are regularly organized important regattas of sailing boats from Sailing Club and the Rowing Club Roggero Lauria. Every year in May there is the Windsurf World Festival organized by Circolo dell’Albaria where the best surfers in the world are present.
At Mondello you can also rent boats or pleasure boats, sailing boards, participate in scuba diving and kitesurfing courses.
The village is equipped with all essential services: buses, pharmacies, supermarkets, restaurants, self-service, pizzerias, sandwiches, mini-golf, tennis courts, nightclubs (only in summer).


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