Il Capo Market in Palermo

Where is the il Capo Market in Palermo?

Located in the ancient district, called Seralcadio, formed in the Muslim era to host the schiavoni, or pirates and slave traders. The Mercato del Capo extends along via Carini and Beati Paoli, via di S. Agostino and via Cappuccinelle.


One of the main entrances of the Mercato del Capo is that of Porta Carini , so called for the existence of the eighteenth-century gate, rebuilt referring to the original of the fifteenth century, near which it is the Palace of Justice. Open every day in the morning and in the afternoon the other popular markets are: Ballarò (Palermo) La Vucciria (Palermo) Lattarini Flea Market (Palermo)

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Il Capo, a district north of the Albergheria, is like this one characterized by a network of narrow streets and dead ends. Also with a popular vocation, it has a local market, the Mercato del Capo, which extends along the entire Via Sant’Agostino and ends at Porta Carini, one of the oldest gates in the city. The central core of the district is the imposing convent of the Church of Sant’Agostino, which ruled the region in medieval times.



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