Chiesa della Magione o della Santissima Trinità del Cancelliere

  • Where is it: Church of the Magione or of the Holy Trinity of the Chancellor
  • Address: piazza Magione 44
  • Phone: +39 091 6170596
  • Opening: Mon-Sat 8.30 – 12 and 15-18.30 Sunday and holidays 9-13.30
  • Cost: free offer
The church was founded in 1191 by the chancellor of the Norman kingdom Matteo d’Ajello – hence the name – and annexed to the contiguous Cistercian abbey. In 1197 it was ceded to the order of the Teutonic Knights who increased its prestige. In 1782 the church passed to the Bourbons who modernized the structure, transforming it from a medieval building into a neoclassical one. Subsequently, due to the damage suffered, it was partially rebuilt. Outside the church has a baroque portal and an interesting play of blind arches behind the apses. The interior has a basilica plan with three naves. The large spaces testify to the abbey’s past, when the rite was presided over by the whole community of monks. The 12th century Arab-Norman-style Cistercian cloister of the twelfth century is very interesting, with the remains of an Arab tower.
TO KNOW: As evidence of the mixture of styles and cults of the city of Palermo, after the sinopia there is a beautiful mullioned window, whose central column bears an Arabic inscription which means “Allah is merciful”.

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