Porta Nuova in Palermo

Porta Nuova in Palermo

Porta Nuova, one of the most representative examples of triumphal architecture in Palermo, represents the entrance from the west side of the city.
It was built in memory of the solemn entry into Palermo of Emperor Charles V, which took place in 1535, on his return from the victorious military campaign in Africa, the execution was begun, however, only in 1569 and was completed under the viceroyalty of Marcantonio Colonna; for its construction the modest door of the fifteenth century that already existed was demolished.

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However, the current appearance of Porta Nuova is due to the project by Gaspare Guercio who, in 1669, rebuilt it, faithful to the original forms, after an explosion of gunpowder, present in an adjacent warehouse, had razed it to the ground. .

Where is Porta Nuova

Porta Nuova is adjacent to the Norman Palace, very close to the Palatine Chapel of Palermo and the Cathedral of Palermo

A bit of history

In ancient times Palermo was surrounded by walls with entrance doors, the most important being the so-called Porta del Palazzo.
The so-called Porta del Palazzo was closed around 1460 and at the same time another door was built on the far side of the main road, called Porta dell’Aquila, known by its present name.
Rebuilt several times due to various vicissitudes up to the current one built in 1669 by Gaspare Guercio.
It has two sides, one towards Monreale and the other towards the historic center of Palermo
The 2 façades have 2 different styles: the more classic one facing the city, structured as a triumphal arch on which the airy Renaissance loggia is set, which is also repeated on the external side, also present the 4 female busts depicting the Virtue (Peace, Justice, Truth and Abundance).
The external front, on the other hand, is still marked by a mannerist flavor, with the presence of telamons symbolizing the Moors subjugated by Charles V during the Tunisian enterprise.
The door is surmounted by a spire covered with majolica tiles where an eagle with spread wings is depicted, the symbol of Palermo.


In the upper part of the Gate, at the end of the summer some flute players stopped and cheered the people for a walk, above all the day of San Marco, when the citizens of Palermo went to Monreale for the solemnity of the Congregation of the Cathedral.

Can Porta Nuova be visited?

It can be visited during events.
Duration of the visit 1 hour and 30 minutes


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