Work safety: Studio Imprese offers innovative online services

Summary: On the occasion of the Occupational Safety Day, the innovations in the field of safety brought forward by Studio Imprese are highlighted. The company has been working in the safety sector since 2010, covering all areas related to workplace safety. With headquarters in Misilmeri, Palermo, Studio Imprese has revolutionized safety consultancy using advanced technologies and creating a cloud platform,, which allows integrated and compliant management according to current regulations.

The article also discusses the comprehensive services offered by Studio Imprese, including training, digital and technical consultancy, as well as the certifications and accreditations the company holds.

Furthermore, the article mentions the technological innovation represented by the Supporto Imprese platform, which simplifies document management for companies and includes interactive devices like the “qr-code safety company verification” to easily access technical and professional requirements. Studio Imprese continues to be a reference point for companies navigating the complex world of workplace safety, demonstrating that technological innovation can go hand in hand with growth and sustainable development.

Additionally, it is noted that construction companies will soon need to obtain a points license from the Labour Inspectorate to continue operating. The interactive cloud system facilitates the management and monitoring of these new legislative requirements, ensuring compliance and adaptability to new business developments. The company’s main headquarters is in Misilmeri, with a Training Center located at Via L29, 20, and another office in San Giovanni Gemini, Agrigento.

Sicurezza sul lavoro: Studio Imprese offre servizi innovativi on line

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