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The Fontana Pretoria is a monumental fountain located in Piazza Pretoria in the historic center of Palermo, Sicily.
It was sculpted entirely in white Carrara marble by Francesco Camilliani in Florence in 1554. The fountain is composed of multiple concentric rings divided by a water basin, topped with staircases that act as small bridges and marble balustrades. At the center, a marble shaft supports a putto with a cornucopia, a mythological symbol of food and abundance.
Surrounding the fountain is a wrought iron gate by Giovanni Battista Basile, featuring four ornate gateways adorned with eight herms (pillars topped with a sculpted head).
The fountain was originally commissioned for a Florentine villa, but after being sold, it was dismantled into 644 pieces and transported to Palermo in 1574. Some sculptures were damaged during the journey, and the fountain was reassembled by Camillo Camilliani, Francesco’s son, by 1581.
Today, the Fontana Pretoria is considered one of the most iconic symbols of Palermo and attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. The fountain’s nude statues led to it being called the “Fountain of Shame” by the locals, but it is now admired as a significant example of High Renaissance art in Palermo

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