Woman found dead in Ramacca, possibly murdered elsewhere and then relocated

The article discusses the murder of a 25-year-old Moldovan woman named Vera Schiopu in Ramacca, Sicily. The investigation conducted by the Caltagirone Prosecutor’s Office accuses her boyfriend, 33-year-old Gheorghe Ciprian Apetrei, and his friend, 31-year-old Costel Balan, both Romanians, of her murder. The body was initially found in a dilapidated farmhouse, but evidence suggests it was moved there after being killed in the couple’s residence. The presence of blood in the house and injuries on the victim’s body contradict the initial claim of suicide. The investigation will be further supported by an autopsy and CT scan to determine if there were any additional injuries or fractures. The suspects will appear before the judge for questioning, and their defense claims innocence, arguing that security camera footage from the agricultural land, owned by Balan’s wife, will prove his non-involvement.

La donna morta a Ramacca, forse uccisa in un’altra casa e poi spostata

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