Tourism on the rise in Aeolian Islands: ferries and ships operating at full capacity

The article talks about the increasing tourism in the Aeolian Islands for the 2004 season, with ferries and ships traveling at full capacity. There is a growing number of foreign tourists, especially from Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria, and England, as well as a good presence of Italian vacationers. Hotels, B&Bs, and vacation homes are filling up, and the streets of the islands are coming back to life with the reopening of bars, restaurants, and boutiques. Private boats are also returning to the sea for excursions, particularly to Stromboli for the volcanic activity. The article also mentions the arrival of cruise ships in Lipari, with tours scheduled until November, and the efforts of the mayor of Lipari to improve the port facilities for commercial and tourist purposes.

Isole Eolie, comincia l’escalation del turismo: aliscafi e navi viaggiano a pieno carico

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