Palermo waiter murdered on Via Roma: trial begins with two accused

The trial for the murder of Badr Boudjemai, a 41-year-old Algerian waiter, married and father of two, who was killed with three gunshots in Via Roma, Palermo, last November, has begun. Kamel El Abed, 61 years old, and Alì El Abed Baguera are accused of the crime. The defendants, represented by lawyers Salvino, Mario, and Giada Caputo, had requested a fast-track trial, but the judge, considering the aggravating circumstances alleged by the prosecution, decided not to grant the alternative procedure. The mother and widow of the waiter, who worked at a restaurant on Via Emerico Amari and was on his way home when he was killed, have joined the case as civil parties, represented by lawyer Enrico Tignini. According to the accusation, there are surveillance camera footage. The uncle and nephew, before being arrested, worked at a restaurant near where Boudjemai was employed, and the younger one allegedly followed the victim. The defendants have always maintained their innocence.

Palermo, il cameriere ucciso in via Roma: al via il processo, due gli imputati

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