Palermo Incident: Investigation opened, area cordoned off and sinkhole section seized

A portion of the right lane of Viale Regione Siciliana in Palermo has been seized and cordoned off following yesterday’s accident, in which 38-year-old Samuele Fuschi lost his life. The seizure was ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office, which has opened an investigation.
The municipal police have cordoned off a section of about 100 meters in length, where a hole opened up on the asphalt. It is certain that at the point of impact, where the motorcyclist would have fallen, there was a depression. Some checks have been carried out by the technicians of the municipal police command: “The hole on Viale Regione Siciliana – claim the traffic wardens – shows that the asphalt resurfacing works were not done properly. The gravel is missing and everything that is needed as a base for the asphalt. From the hole, it is evident that there is nothing underneath. It is necessary to understand how all this was possible. In any case, everything will be reported to the Prosecutor’s Office.”

L’incidente di Palermo: la Procura apre un’inchiesta, transennato e sequestrato il tratto della voragine

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