New season 23/24 of Sambuca: a blend of tradition and innovation.

The new 23/24 season of the municipal theater L’Idea in Sambuca di Sicilia will start on Sunday, October 29th. The season will consist of 15 shows and feature over 40 artists, blending tradition and innovation in theater. The performances will incorporate various artistic expressions including wordplay, music, body language, masks, puppetry, and digital performances. The season will kick off with the comedic trio Trioche, followed by tributes to music legends Lucio Dalla and Giorgio Gaber. Folk music will also be featured, along with engaging plays by renowned actors such as Lucilla Giagnoni and Manuela Bisanti. New additions to the season include a tragicomic performance on social obsessions, figure theater by Stefania Ventura and Sergio Quiscenti, as well as the debut of actress and author Rita Pelusio. The season will conclude with the visionary theater of Gordi, presenting a wordless production based on the renowned poetry of Wislawa Szymborska. The theater will also debut a production promoting civic engagement, and the theme of legality will be explored through the perspectives of Giuseppe Provinzano and Beatrice Monroy. The new season will be led by a slimmed-down board of directors, with Antonio Giovinco as the new president and Costanza Amodeo as the artistic director. More information, subscriptions, and tickets can be found on the new website and the Live ticket sales channel.

L’Idea di Sambuca, al via la nuova stagione 23/24 fra tradizione e innovazione

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