Misilmeri mourns Domenico Pellegrino, a pillar of the San Giusto festival: “A piece of our country’s history is gone”

The community of Misilmeri is in tears for the passing of Domenico Pellegrino, who died at 81 years old. He is remembered as one of the “pillars” of the historic San Giusto festival, which takes place every year in August in the town near Palermo. “History is us… someone sang. Well, there are people who leave an indelible memory in all those who have known them – writes Valentino Pietro Sucato -. And those memories often become history, perhaps unwritten history, but still history it is! Horses, passion, races, San Giusto… all synonymous with celebration. From Domenico Pellegrino, our humble fellow citizen of Misilmeri, we inherit this message on the day when at the age of 81 he leaves his family behind.

“Misilmeri is not Siena – continues the message – but that race was more than a palio! And piazza Comitato was as beautiful as Piazza del Campo in the city of Santa Caterina: we remember all those emotions, those voices that turned into screams when the jockeys passed through the streets to the square in front of the town hall, the Mother Church, in a fraction of a second, in the blink of an eye or perhaps it would be better to say of horses.

“None of us had any idea that at that moment a piece of Misilmeri history was being written. We went crazy with joy thanks to Domenico who with his passion embodied them and with his departure leaves us an indelible memory, a precious legacy from a humble person. A piece of history goes away and that history that goes away is all of us. Goodbye Domenico, up there there will be many parties and races, show yourself as a great Misilmeri jockey. R.i.p.”.

Misilmeri piange Domenico Pellegrino, uno dei pilastri della festa di San Giusto: «Se ne va un pezzo di storia del nostro paese»

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