Lampedusa’s small boat cemetery dismantled: three loaded trailers arrive in Porto Empedocle

Three trailers, loaded with small boats used by migrants to reach Lampedusa, have been brought to the pier of Porto Empedocle. Two of them contain various metal boats that were seized when there were 112 landings in 24 hours in Lampedusa. In another trailer, wooden boats were piled up and all removed, clearing the coast of Lampedusa. The recovery operations, for subsequent disposal in a landfill, will continue on the largest of the Pelagie Islands in the coming hours. The Favaloro pier in Lampedusa has earned the unfortunate nickname of “graveyard of small boats” over the years. Last Sunday, Giorgia Meloni stopped for a while in front of what remains of the iron and wooden boats, under the watchful eye of a couple of fishermen, whose boats, on the other hand, are forced to remain moored. In front of those fishermen, who have been working sporadically for too long, the prime minister assured intervention for the removal of what the deputy mayor, a member of the Lega party, Attilio Lucia, called an “ecological bomb”.

Si smonta il cimitero dei barchini di Lampedusa: tre rimorchi carichi sono arrivati a Porto Empedocle

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