Bathers shocked to find dead calf on Romagnolo beach in Palermo

Surprise for bathers at Romangolo beach, in Palermo. This morning, those who went to the beach on the South Coast found themselves facing a scene they could never have imagined: a calf’s body floating a few meters from the shore. The tide brought it to the shore where it is now stranded.

Incredulous, the visitors to the coast immediately raised the alarm: “We demand immediate intervention from the Municipality – said the President of the first district, Giuseppe Federico – we are astonished. I wonder who should intervene and hope they do so quickly.” A crowd of curious people soon gathered on the spot: the dynamics and the point where the poor animal drowned are still unknown. The animal welfare assessor, Fabrizio Ferrandelli, immediately took action: “We have already contacted Rap – reassured the assessor – they will intervene as soon as possible.” Therefore, we await the intervention of the operators from Cairoli Square.

Palermo, un vitello morto sulla spiaggia di Romagnolo: lo stupore dei bagnanti

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