Alcamo: 4 under investigation for fraudulent job contracts with migrants

The Carabinieri of the Alcamo company executed an ordinance applying the precautionary measure of a ban on residing in the municipality of Alcamo, issued by the judge of the Trapani Court, against four individuals seriously suspected of various crimes, including aiding and abetting illegal immigration, ideological falsehood committed by inducing a public official in public acts, extortion, and material falsehood committed by a private individual. Two of the four suspects were also notified of a ban on working as employees at patronage and organizations dealing with labor and immigration consultancy for a period of one year.

The investigation started after a foreign citizen reported in September 2021 that he had handed over a substantial sum of money to some Italians in exchange for the submission of a work regularization application, which turned out to be fake. The investigation revealed that the suspects had taken advantage of 14 foreigners, aiding their stay in Italy and setting up a scheme for regularization of irregular work based on fictitious employment contracts without the knowledge of their employers. Each of them was asked to hand over sums of money, up to 4,000 euros.

Alcamo, falsi contratti di lavoro a migranti: 4 indagati

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