Workplace incident in Solarino: 26-year-old seriously injured after forklift accident

Two serious work accidents in a few hours in Sicily. In Solarino, a 26-year-old boy was seriously injured while working on a farm. He climbed onto a forklift to reach a tree easier, but the vehicle slipped and fell down a slope. The impact was severe, and the boy suffered multiple injuries. He was airlifted to the Cannizzaro hospital in Catania. Carabinieri also investigated the incident to determine if safety requirements were met. In another incident in Giarre, a 56-year-old worker was crushed between a wall and a garbage truck. The truck started moving on its own, and the man tried to climb on to prevent it from crashing but got crushed between the truck and a stone barrier. He was hospitalized as well.

Incidente sul lavoro a Solarino: col muletto scivola in una scarpata, grave un ragazzo di 26 anni

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