Workers massacre in Casteldaccia, grief and anger: strike and sit-in

The article discusses the tragic deaths of five workers in Casteldaccia due to toxic gas exposure. The workers were in a sewage treatment plant without proper safety equipment. The unions are calling for better safety measures in the workplace and criticizing the lack of precautions taken. The fire chief of Palermo believes the tragedy could have been prevented with proper precautions. The situation is described as a state of emergency and unions are demanding action from the authorities. The article also mentions the ongoing investigation and the conditions of the surviving worker who remains in critical condition. It highlights the need for improved safety in the workplace and the responsibility of companies to ensure their employees’ safety. The article also includes statements from union representatives, government officials, and political figures urging for better safety measures and resources in the workplace.

La strage di operai a Casteldaccia, il dolore e la rabbia: sciopero e sit-in

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