Woman steals cosmetics and perfumes from pharmacy, slaps cashier, arrested in Palermo

The State Police arrested a 36-year-old homeless foreign woman, believed to be responsible for “improper robbery” at a pharmacy in Palermo. The woman entered the pharmacy and took some perfumes and cosmetic items from the shelves, hiding them in a bag, and then tried to leave without paying. An employee noticed what was happening and asked the woman to either put the items back or pay for them. At this point, the woman threatened, pushed, and slapped the cashier, threw a perfume at him, and then ran away. However, the employee followed her, contacted the central office, and provided a description and direction of escape. Police officers intercepted the fleeing woman on Marchese di Villabianca Street, where she was caught and identified. A search allowed the recovery of the stolen goods hidden in her bag. The woman was subjected to the precautionary measure of the obligation to report to the judicial police and received an oral notice from the police chief of Palermo. She was arrested on the spot for the offense of improper robbery, and the arrest was validated.

Ruba in farmacia profumi e articoli di cosmesi e poi schiaffeggia il cassiere, arrestata a Palermo

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