Vittoria’s house set on fire: autopsies scheduled for mother and daughter, two survivors leave Intensive Care.

The autopsy on the bodies of Mariam Sassi, 55 years old, and Sameh Zaouali, 34 years old, will be carried out on June 25th at 3 pm. The two women, mother and daughter, died due to a fire set by their 29-year-old son, Wajdi Zaouali, in the family home on Piazza Unità, in Vittoria, on June 13th. The bodies of the women are currently in the mortuaries of hospitals in Vittoria and Catania, where they passed away. They will be transferred to the cemetery in Vittoria for the autopsy. The deputy prosecutor Martina Dall’Amico has appointed the forensic doctor Giuseppe Algieri. The bodies will be returned to the family for their funerals, which will be held following Islamic rites. The funeral will be presided over by the Imam of Vittoria.
Meanwhile, the conditions of the two survivors of the fire, Kamel Zaouali, 57 years old, and his daughter Omaima, 19 years old, have slightly improved. They are both hospitalized with severe burns, Kamel at the Civico Hospital in Palermo and Omaima at the Cannizzaro Hospital in Catania. Both have left the Intensive Care Unit and are now in the Intensive Care Ward. Kamel Zaouali has burns on 41% of his body, while his daughter has burns on 50% of her body.
Tonight, a demonstration organized by the Islamic community will take place in Vittoria to call for the “right to protection”. The Zaouali family had repeatedly reported and denounced their son, unfortunately without success. The young man was under treatment at the Mental Health Department. The organizers of the demonstration, Marwa Sayadi and Sharon Pisani, have invited the mayor, the council and all municipal councillors to participate.

Vittoria, la casa data alle fiamme: fissata l’autopsia sui corpi di mamma e figlia, i due superstiti lasciano la Rianimazione

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