Violent attack in Palermo: man beaten, robbed, left wounded on ground

Explain the following article in brief: An violent dawn in the residential heart of Palermo, where a man was attacked and beaten by robbers. At 6 am this morning (May 10th) in via Pirandello, between via Giusti and via Cesareo, two bandits confronted a passerby who was on his way to work and punched him to steal his purse with personal belongings. The victim of the aggression collapsed on the bleeding asphalt.
Some residents witnessed the scene from their home windows and alerted 118 emergency services and the police. Police cars and an ambulance arrived on the scene. The man, injured in the nose, was taken to the hospital for examinations. Investigations are ongoing to identify the perpetrators of the raid. The case adds to the list of violent assaults in Palermo, where the crime alert remains high because criminals often do not hesitate to use force against victims to obtain money and valuable items.

Alba violenta a Palermo: un uomo picchiato, rapinato e lasciato a terra sanguinante

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