Violence against women: analyzing economic aspects in Palermo

Financial violence is a type of abuse that is often overlooked, despite being as harmful as physical and psychological violence. This form of abuse is linked to power dynamics between men and women, and it is difficult to recognize. The Council of Europe has recognized financial violence as a violation of human rights in Article 3 of the Istanbul Convention. The workshop “Autodetermination and Generational Diversity: How to Address Financial Violence,” organized by the Global Thinking Foundation, discussed this issue with around a thousand students from local schools. The roundtable discussion was moderated by Marco Romano, director of [unknown]. Various speakers, including Claudia Segre, president of the Global Thinking Foundation, discussed the importance of addressing financial violence. The event concluded with the screening of the documentary “Libere di… vivere,” which emphasizes the need to focus on the progress made and the work still to be done in combating financial violence.

Contro le donne la violenza è anche economica: confronto a Palermo

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