Via D’Amelio, Borsellino’s lawyer: “Behind the deception, multiple centers of power”

The lawyer of the children of judge Paolo Borsellino, Fiammetta, Lucia, and Manfredi, has requested a compensation of 8 million euros for the three police officers accused of obstructing the investigation into the bombing that killed the judge. Two million euros have been requested for each child and two as heirs of widow Borsellino. The appeal was filed against the first-degree sentence that declared the charges against police officers Mario Bo and Fabrizio Mattei prescribed and acquitted the third officer Michele Ribaudo. The lawyer argued that the obstruction hindered the search for the truth about the judge’s death and affected the children’s lives.

Via D’Amelio, il legale dei Borsellino: «Dietro il depistaggio più centri di potere»

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