Two young men arrested for hiding cannabis plantation in vegetation in Adrano

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A plantation of Indian hemp among the vegetation and slopes of an abandoned land in Contrada Dagala, in the territory of Adrano. The local police officers discovered it and arrested two young men from Adrano, aged 24 and 21, caught in the act of illegally cultivating different types of cannabis (marijuana) and resisting a public official.

During a search of the countryside, in a difficult-to-access area, the police officers found a plantation of Indian hemp with about fifty well-groomed and moderately tall plants, hidden by the uneven terrain, rocky formations, brambles, and dry stone walls. The conditions of the abandoned land evidently led the two young men to believe that they could not be discovered.

Nearby, agricultural tools, fertilizers, and irrigation pipes were found in excellent condition, indicating that the cultivation was still well cared for and close to harvesting. The police officers conducted a discreet and uninterrupted stakeout, taking the necessary precautions not to be noticed, in order to catch the culprits red-handed.

The stakeout achieved its goals, as the police immediately recognized the two young men when they arrived at the land to deposit bags of soil, piping connections, and other materials, and then fled into the countryside after throwing a large plastic container at an officer. The two criminals were eventually tracked down and arrested, with their vehicles and homes searched for evidence related to the cultivation and possession of marijuana, leading to their arrest and placement under house arrest pending a court hearing.

Piantagione di cannabis nascosta tra la vegetazione, arrestati due giovani ad Adrano

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