Two more suspects investigated for the workplace massacre in Casteldaccia

There are two more suspects in the massacre in Casteldaccia, the workplace accident that cost the lives of 5 workers, 4 from the Quadrifoglio company and a temporary worker from Amap, who were working on the sewage network in Casteldaccia. The notice of formal charges for multiple manslaughter and serious injuries has been delivered to the site manager, a technician from Amap, the municipal company that subcontracted the maintenance of the sewers to Tek, which in turn subcontracted to Quadrifoglio Group, and to a director of Tek.

In recent days, on the eve of the autopsies carried out on the 5 bodies, Nicolò Di Salvo, the owner of Quadrifoglio, was also placed under investigation. At the center of the investigation, in addition to the subcontracting chain, is the compliance with safety measures: initial investigations revealed that the victims were not supposed to descend into the facility and were not wearing protective gear. The gas released by the sewage killed the 5 workers. The investigation is being coordinated by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Termini Imerese and conducted by the Mobile Squad of Palermo.

Altri due indagati per la strage sul lavoro a Casteldaccia

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