Trapani healthcare, suspects aware of bugs but acted anyway

The Aspide investigation that led to the house arrest of the former president of the municipal council of Trapani, Anna Lisa Bianco, accused of corruption, was closed in less than ten minutes during a council meeting on Monday night. Both the majority and the minority expressed their confidence in the judiciary, hoping that the suspects will clarify their position. However, the 514-page order signed by Judge Caterina Brignone reveals details of the case, including the close relationship between Oddo and the manager Antonio Sparaco, and Oddo’s attempts to gather information about the new prosecutor Gabriele Paci. Oddo is also implicated in favoring Sparaco for a director position and involvement in managing rankings and scholarships. Ranieri Candura, a health manager, is also accused of leaving work for personal matters. These revelations have stirred controversy and led to the arrest of several officials involved in the case.

Sanità a Trapani, gli indagati sapevano delle cimici ma agivano lo stesso

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