Trapanese boxer Noemi Romano awarded by town council

Noemi Romano, an athlete from Wolfighter Boxing Trapani, was awarded by the sports assessor of Trapani, Emanuele Barbara, for the successes achieved in the 2023/2024 season in the discipline of Muay Thai. Noemi Romano is now a representative of Trapanese combat sports, particularly in the discipline of Muay Thai. Just recently, she received a call-up to the Muay Thai World Championships, which will take place in Athens from May 31st to June 10th.

The young athlete was received at Palazzo D’Alì in light of her recent achievements: Italian Muay Thai Champion in 2023, silver at the Mediterranean Games Muay Thai 2023 in Greece, bronze at the European Muay Thai Championships 2023 in Turkey, and again Italian Muay Thai Champion in 2024. “As everyone knows, last summer we started a virtuous path that sees individual athletes and teams from the territory welcomed at the town hall, where, even with a simple city banner, we want to honor the commitment that all athletes put into the field or in the gym every day,” said the sports assessor Emanuele Barbara. “In this case, I believe that Noemi represents Trapani in the world thanks to her extraordinary results and the recent call-up to the Muay Thai World Championships. I have personally witnessed the dedication and passion that the young athlete puts into her training every day, and I wish her to continue in this way and achieve many more satisfactions, which will certainly also make her coach Emanuele Di Fatta happy.”

Boxe, l’atleta trapanese Noemi Romano premiata dall’amministrazione comunale

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