Tragedy in Casteldaccia: Workers died trying to unclog blocked drainage pump.

Three workers went down into the first “room” of the sewer system to try to unblock the pump that was stuck. After hours of attempts, suddenly, the sewage plug preventing the pump’s work exploded and a mass of sewage and gas hit them, causing them to lose consciousness. The workers fell into the tank 3 meters below. This would be the sequence of events of the incident that cost the lives of 4 workers from Quadrifoglio Group and a temporary worker from Amap.

The reconstruction explains why the workers of the company managing the sewage system for Amap were in the plant and not on the surface as the contract stipulated. After seeing the first three workers not coming back up, three more colleagues went down, including Giuseppe La Barbera, the temporary worker who had the role of inspector, meaning he had to monitor the barriers placed on the street.

Meanwhile, the lethal gas had risen and hit them. Two were found dead, one is in critical condition. To recover the workers who fell into the tank, firefighters’ divers were needed. According to reports, the workers had requested permission to work inside the plant from the works director and safety manager of Amap, who was extensively questioned by the police yesterday. The safety team leader from Quadrifoglio was Epifanio Alsazia, co-owner of the company, among the first to die.

La tragedia di Casteldaccia, gli operai morti erano scesi nella vasca per liberare la sonda di spurgo bloccata

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