Traffic delays and disruptions on A20 between Villafranca and Boccetta

Traffic paralyzed on the A20 highway Palermo-Messina, specifically between the Villafranca Tirrena and Boccetta exits due to a rear-end collision in the Scoppo tunnel, with one person injured, fortunately not seriously. The situation worsened due to the known restrictions caused by construction works on the Ritiro viaduct, which have been ongoing for years but are reportedly in their final phase. The highway police are on site for the usual operations aimed at avoiding further inconvenience, but delays in this case were unavoidable, with long lines and difficulties both entering Messina from the highway and taking the A18 towards Catania.

Tamponamento sull’A20 tra Villafranca e Boccetta, lunghe file e disagi al traffico

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