Three accidents between Licata and Palma di Montechiaro: eight injured, two in serious condition.

Eight people were injured in three separate accidents in the province of Agrigento in the last few hours. Two young individuals are in serious condition. In one incident, a 29-year-old motorcyclist was hospitalized after colliding with a car in Palma di Montechiaro. Due to his critical condition, he was transferred from the San Giacomo d’Altopasso Hospital to the Civico Hospital in Palermo. The second accident occurred in Licata, at the intersection of Corso Serrovira and Via Gaetano De Pasquali, where a car and a scooter collided, resulting in severe injuries for the scooter rider who is currently in the Intensive Care Unit. Six other individuals, in less critical condition, were injured in a third accident on the state road 115 near Licata’s entrance. Investigations are ongoing to determine the causes of these collisions.

Tre incidenti fra Licata e Palma di Montechiaro: otto feriti, due sono gravi

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