The Casteldaccia massacre: two entrepreneurs amidst silence, mysteries, and ghost offices.

The phones ring, but the mouths stay closed. The owners of the two businesses caught in the eye of the storm for the massacre on Via Nazionale in Casteldaccia are keeping away from the microphones. On one side, Giovanni Anselmo, sole director of Tek Infrastrutture srl in San Cipirello, on the other, Nicolò Di Salvo, owner of Quadrifoglio group srl in Partinico, now under investigation. The registered office of the company in San Cipirello appears to be a run-down garage with the shutter down. Tg1 goes to via Di Marco 4, which is listed as the registered office on the company’s official website: there is an uninformed family, who does not know what Tek is. Other residents deny knowing that there were company offices on that street. Its director, Giovanni Anselmo, only says: “I’m not interested, I can’t make any statements. I don’t want to be rude but I really have nothing to say to you.”

Di Salvo, on the other hand, does not answer the phone: not even after the news of the investigation opened against him for multiple manslaughter is spread in the evening. His company remains seized, which is instead clearly visible: in via Milano in Partinico, the registered office, a building with all its offices.

La strage di Casteldaccia: i due imprenditori tra silenzi, misteri e uffici fantasma

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