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The announcement for the second edition of the “Maria Rosaria Borzì” Graduation Award has been published online: here is who it is for and what it foresees.

For the second consecutive year, the Italian Red Cross announced the Graduation Award “Maria Rosaria Borzì”to commemorate the untimely death of the volunteer.

Who is the call for?

Specifically, the call is open to all students who have obtained their degree in the academic year 2020/21, discussing a master’s or specialist degree thesis concerning the Third Sectorin order to enhance economic research.

The competition provides for the conferment of 2 degree awards of the amount of 1000 euros each.

Deadline and info

The deadline for submitting the application is set by e no later than 15 September 2022.

Further information is provided in detail by consulting the site of the University of Catania, from which it is possible to view the complete announcement.
Furthermore, to request information, it is possible to contact the General Affairs and Third Sector Political Affairs Unit of the National Committee.

Sicilian news 2022-07-15 09:53:00