Testimony of a worker in the Casteldaccia tragedy: “I threw a rope to my colleagues but saw them fall like skittles”

The article describes the tragic event that occurred on Monday in Casteldaccia, where 5 workers died while performing maintenance work on a sewage pipe. The victims are named and the details of the event are recounted by survivors who witnessed the tragedy. One of the workers, Giovanni D’Aleo, tried to alert others and emergency services, while Franco Bartolone, one of the survivors, also tried to help but ultimately was unable to save his colleagues. The article highlights the emotional and heartbreaking moments of the incident, where the workers fell “like skittles” and ultimately succumbed to the toxic fumes in the sewage tank. The tragedy is described as a sudden and devastating event that turned a normal work day into a day of sorrow and loss.

La tragedia di Casteldaccia, la testimonianza di un operaio: «Ho lanciato una corda ai miei colleghi ma li ho visti cadere come birilli»

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