Teacher attacked in Milazzo school identified the student who injured him

The teacher from the Da Vinci Institute in Milazzo who was attacked by a student has been discharged from the hospital. His physical conditions are good even though he remains very shaken. The math teacher was attacked with punches, one of which in the face, after learning that he had been failed. According to the reconstruction, the math teacher had called the student’s parents to school to inform them of the failure. After the couple left, the student showed up at school and reached the math teacher on the first floor of the Institute and hit him with punches, one of which in the face. The man, who did not expect the reaction, fell to the ground, injured. The student fled, while the principal immediately alerted the emergency services and an ambulance and police arrived on the scene. The man was transferred to the hospital and underwent the necessary tests, including a CT scan. The police identified the student and interviewed those present during the attack, including Principal Scolaro, the Institute’s coordinator, and the teacher who was the victim of the attack, who gave a statement.

Violenza in una scuola di Milazzo: il docente dimesso dall’ospedale, identificato lo studente che l’ha colpito

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