Syringes abandoned in the woods near Rupe Atenea, heroin nightmare in Agrigento

Dozens of syringes, some of which were dirty with blood, were found along the paths of the forest, under the Rupe Atenea in Agrigento. This green area can be accessed from the upper part, at the end of via Cicerone. Similar findings had been reported, between late February and early March, in the historic center, near via Atenea. The heroin nightmare is growing stronger in Agrigento, with a cost ranging from 20 to 40 euros per gram. There are also single doses for 5 euros, bought by drug addicts who are always broke. Heroin has now changed its “face”: it has an active ingredient that is much stronger than in the past. Moreover, in addition to those who inject it intravenously, there are also those – belonging to middle-high social classes – who smoke it.

Siringhe abbandonate nel bosco sotto la Rupe Atenea, incubo eroina ad Agrigento

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