Success of Cynara festival in Cerda, over 200,000 attendees

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Success of the Cynara Festival in Cerda, undisputed capital of artichokes but also of good food and great wines. From April 20 to 28, about 200,000 people animated the streets of the village to celebrate one of the most renowned products of the low Madonie and Valle del Torto countryside, cultivated by around two hundred producers for a turnover of over 20 million euros. A succession of meetings and initiatives in a community deeply linked to the prince of local agriculture, always synonymous with quality, protagonist of cooking shows, talks, tastings and of course of all the catering in the area.

An event with 64 appointments, 159 musicians, 71 workers, 500 kilos of pasta, 5,000 portions of frittella. The highlight the 42nd Artichoke Festival. And speaking of artichokes, almost 15,000 collected and used in eight days of conviviality and sharing. To enrich the most participated edition in history at Cerda, the partnership with seven wineries from the Doc Monreale, the family recipes of the Brigade of the Cerdesi Ladies, the tribute to the timeless Targa Florio race, the presence of illustrious guests: first of all Giusina Battaglia, a true Cerda, as well as the godmother of the event, who along with producers, institutions and taste enthusiasts have become spokespeople for a significant gastronomic heritage.

“We gave it our all, and these numbers prove it – declared the satisfied Mayor of Cerda Salvatore Geraci. Every excellence deserves to be told and today more than ever we look confidently to the future, focusing on the enhancement of productive specificities, tourist welcome, innovation. The Cynara festival is therefore a new horizon for our land, with the hope that the event can, as of tomorrow, systematize the production chain of the spiny Cerda artichoke, giving strength and credibility to a territory and a circuit of Taste and Culture that in this tradition intends to recognize itself with modernity and shared commitment. Now we need to work on the producers, bring them together, develop new market outlets. The work has just begun”.

Successo del Cynara festival a Cerda, oltre 200 mila presenze

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