Students in Trapani protesting against radioactive waste deposits.

Hundreds of students took to the streets this morning in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, in Trapani, to say no to the depositing of radioactive waste in the province. On stage, many mayors, councilors, the president of the Western Sicily Tourist District, Rosalia D’Alì. Representatives of many associations were present. After Segesta and Fulgatore, today’s event is the third demonstration aimed at opposing the decision of Sogin, the company managing nuclear facilities, partly owned by the Ministry of Economy, which has decided to include the territories of Segesta and Fulgatore in the list of suitable sites for waste disposal, despite the potential unsuitability highlighted by the municipalities.

The mayors of Trapani, Giacomo Tranchida, and Calatafimi Segesta, Francesco Gruppuso, said: “We do not need a nuclear waste deposit, but to promote the image of our territories that are made up of marvelous landscapes, nature reserves, and unique archaeological sites in the world.”

Studenti in piazza a Trapani per dire no ai depositi di scorie radioattive

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