Sicily shuts off Blufi aqueduct taps for maintenance

Siciliacque announces that at around 8am tomorrow (Thursday, April 4th), the operation of the Blufi aqueduct will be interrupted to repair a large leak that occurred at the crossing of the Southern Imera River in the Capodarso area. It is expected to restore water supply to Barrafranca by 1pm on April 5th; to Mazzarino and the Irrigation Consortium by 3pm; to Licata (Safarello Reservoir) by 8am on April 6th; same time and day for the external network users of the Gela-Licata aqueduct (Manfria, Desusino, Tenutella, Falconara, Serenusa) and the Butera Industrial Estate.

Siciliaque chiude i rubinetti dell’acquedotto Blufi per lavori

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