Schlein in Palermo: “Opposition to separate careers leads to magistrate submission.”

In summary, the article discusses the speech of Elly Schlein, the secretary of the Democratic Party (Pd), at the congress of the National Association of Magistrates (Anm) in Palermo. Schlein expresses the party’s commitment to listening and understanding the important role of the judiciary in the country, even while in opposition. She emphasizes the symbolic significance of holding the congress in Palermo, a city with a history of judicial resistance to illegalities. Schlein also criticizes the proposed separation of judicial careers, stating that it would compromise the independence of judges and the principle of prosecutorial discretion. The article highlights the importance of dialogue and mutual respect between the judiciary and politics.

Schlein a Palermo: «No alla separazione delle carriere, è l’anticamera della sottomissione dei magistrati all’esecutivo»

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