Santa Lucia celebration at the Palermo Institute for the Blind

For the visually impaired, Santa Lucia is an important day, as they ask the patron saint of sight to safeguard the sense that allows others to observe the world. The Florio-Salamone Institute for the Blind in Palermo celebrated this day with reflection, religious ceremonies, and a joyful celebration. The president of the institute emphasized the importance of this day for the students, families, and staff. The vicar Adriano Titone led the mass and highlighted the ability of the visually impaired to perceive the presence of the Lord. Additionally, an award was given to Spanish artist Andrea Sanchez for creating a tactile book for blind children. The day also included music performances and a traditional meal together. The message of the day was to appreciate and protect the sense of sight, especially for those who do not have it.

Festa per Santa Lucia all’istituto dei ciechi di Palermo

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