Runoff elections in Sicily, voter turnout sharply decreased: at 12 pm, 8.59 percent of voters cast their vote.

Voter turnout in the four Sicilian towns, including Siracusa, has significantly decreased during the runoff elections. By 12 PM, only 8.59% of eligible voters had cast their ballots, marking a 5.90% decline compared to the previous elections where the turnout was 14.49%. Specifically, in Siracusa, the only capital city involved in the runoff, 9.34% of voters participated, indicating a 4.23% decrease from the previous elections which saw 13.58% of voters showing up. The other towns participating in the elections are Piazza Armerina, Acireale, and Aci Sant’Antonio.

I ballottaggi in Sicilia, affluenza in forte calo: alle 12 ha votato l’8,59 per cento degli elettori

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