Runoff election in Syracuse, Piazza Armerina, Acireale, and Aci Sant’Antonio: polling stations open

Polls opened at 7am this morning in four municipalities in Sicily for the runoff for the local elections. The main challenge is in Syracuse, the only capital city in the second round, with Acireale (Ct), Aci Sant’Antonio (Ct), and Piazza Armerina (En) also voting. There are a total of 186,040 eligible voters, with 102,147 in Syracuse alone. The mayoral seat is being contested by Ferdinando Messina, supported by the center-right, who received 32.22% in the first round, and the incumbent Francesco Italia, from the Azione party, who received 23.89% of the votes. The outcome may be influenced by the three lists that surpassed the 5% threshold and supported the three defeated mayoral candidates in the first round. Polls will close at 11pm today and reopen tomorrow at 7am, with the voting ending at 3pm. The counting process will begin immediately after.

Ballottaggio a Siracusa, Piazza Armerina, Acireale e Aci Sant’Antonio: aperti i seggi

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