Rosalia, the Palermo saint, workshop by Mimmo Cuticchio at Città dei Ragazzi

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The most famous puppeteer, and the main architect of the refoundation of the Opera dei Pupi, with two honorary degrees from Roma Tre University and the University of Palermo, returns to the stage in his city, with a workshop open to everyone inspired by the patron saint, Rosalia. The workshop is titled “Rosalia, the Santuzza palermitana – Practices and languages of contemporary with the tradition of the Theater of Puppets and the cunto,” and will be held by Maestro Mimmo Cuticchio at the Città dei Ragazzi from July 2 to July 5. On July 6, there will also be a cunto performance by Mimmo Cuticchio on the story of Saint Rosalia.

The workshop is free, and entry to the show on July 6 is free until seats are filled, except for a one euro ticket to the Città dei Ragazzi, which the City of Palermo reinvests in park maintenance.

The project “Rosalia, the Santuzza palermitana – Practices and languages of contemporary with the tradition of the Theater of Puppets and the cunto” is part of the celebrations organized for the Four Hundredth Festino of Santa Rosalia and is realized with the contribution of the Department of Culture of the City of Palermo with resources from the National Fund for Entertainment.

Open to everyone of legal age, the workshop is limited to twenty people with possible auditors. It is a unique opportunity to learn the secrets of the Opera dei Pupi with its exceptional cultural and traditional heritage recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage.

For information and enrollment by June 22: Figli d’Arte Cuticchio Association 091 323400, [email protected],

Mimmo Cuticchio describes the workshop as a practical experience open to all, providing an opportunity to learn about the ancient art of puppetry and its adaptation to contemporary times. The workshop will focus on puppet manipulation, and participants will have the chance to interact with puppets, observe their movements, and learn about stage production. The theme of the workshop revolves around the four hundredth anniversary of the discovery of the cave with the remains of the Santuzza and the subsequent end of the plague that devastated Palermo. Cuticchio will use around forty specially crafted puppets and together with the participants, they will create characters and costumes and develop the story. Cuticchio emphasizes the importance of storytelling through cunto, an oral tradition still relevant today, and the workshop will culminate in a performance narrating the story of Rosalia.

«Rosalia, la Santuzza palermitana», alla Città dei Ragazzi il laboratorio di Mimmo Cuticchio

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