Residents protest Palermo’s tent city in Kalsa square

Residents of the Kalsa neighborhood in Palermo are protesting against the presence of a tent city in what should be a historical square. Makeshift shelters have been set up at the foot of the wall leading to one of the entrances of the Forcella De Seta palace, housing homeless people for months. Tents and huts are spread throughout the square, and the residents are dismayed by the sight. They are not only asking for the area to be cleaned up, but also for the administration to find a solution for the homeless individuals. They believe that the situation has turned one of Palermo’s most beautiful squares into a shameful spectacle, and they are calling for action to address both the cleanliness and the well-being of the people living in the tent city.

Palermo, tendopoli in piazza Kalsa: protesta dei residenti

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