Research on Sicilian trout included in FishBase database

FishBase, the most comprehensive global online database of information on known fish species, is enriched with new information on the Sicilian macrostigma trout (scientific name: Salmo cettii). This was announced by Fipsas (Italian Federation of Sports Fishing and Underwater Activities) of Ragusa, highlighting the contribution of the province of Ragusa to scientific research on Salmo cettii conducted for years and now officially part of the FishBase international database. A series of publications on the Sicilian trout, conducted by biologist Antonino Duchi, have been cited in the database. The research not only expands the scientific knowledge related to the Sicilian trout but also once again emphasizes the importance of the province of Ragusa as an area of interest for ichthyological studies. The multi-year collaboration between Fipsas of Ragusa, the Regional Province of Ragusa (now Free Consortium), and the ichthyologist from Ragusa has contributed to creating a solid knowledge base on the local fish fauna. In the photo is the habitat of the Sicilian trout: a frame from a video published on the Fipsas of Ragusa Facebook page.

Gli studi sulla trota siciliana inseriti nel database FishBase

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