Report to Anac about the competition for 46 Rap drivers, the names of the winners would have circulated in advance

Several candidates excluded from the competition announced by Rap, the in-house company of the Municipality of Palermo for the hiring of 46 drivers, have turned to the Anac to request an inspection to ascertain the regularity of the competition. According to the applicants, the transparency rules and the principles of publicity and anonymity of public selections were violated. They claim that the internal commission of Rap was not appointed, the minutes of the commission were not published, and no public officials or law enforcement officers were present during the quiz. Additionally, 28 unknown individuals reportedly entered the test venue and interacted with the candidates. The candidates also allege that the anonymity of the tests was not guaranteed, as the documents were not dated or signed by the commission, potentially making them replaceable. Some excluded candidates have appointed a lawyer to present a further appeal to the labor judge and request the intervention of the Anac.

Esposto all’Anac sul concorso per 46 autisti alla Rap, sarebbero circolati in anteprima i nomi dei vincitori

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